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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Front of House

This week I am wearing black again. It's the fabulous Manchester 24:7 Theatre Festival, now in its third year, and I'm helping out with Front of House. It's a small, small world, and when the other usher, Ben, walked up in his smart black shirt and trousers, I knew I knew him from somewhere, but he had to remind me: he was the tracksuited scally in the film we both appeared in two weeks ago, unrecognisable now. So there we were again together, only this time the parts we were playing were competent and formal and posh.

This year the festival has really taken off, and right from the first day some of the performances sold out. I've seen some fantastic shows including the hilarious, touching and utterly polished Divas and Double Glazing by Colin Carr and the harrowing but life-affirming Vegetable by Diane Whitley, both in the Palace Theatre bars. You can book online, and you better do it fast!


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